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In a previous post my sister was generous enough to give us a look into her world of crewel embroideries, I myself do cross stitch, or to be more precise counted cross stitch embroideryI also do crewel but my niece in Edmonton introduced me to cross stitching a number of years ago and I enjoy it more.

YOU START WITH a simple piece of fabric, Cross Stitch Fabric Buying Guide.

Cross Stitch Fabric

YOU FOLLOW a detailed chart that lets you know what color of floss to use, as well as what stitch type. Every square on the chart represents a stitch on the fabric.

Arial Alphabet Cross Stitch Chart

YOU END UP WITH a beautiful piece of art to hang on your wall.


I made this cross stitch as a birthday present for my sister.

This is an extremely simplistic way of explaining how to create a cross stitch.  For anyone who has looked at a kit it requires patience as well as attention to detail. I love first of all shopping for a new kit, or I’ve purchased a software that can convert pictures into charts, so I can create my own kit. I’ll separate the thread by color, study the chart and instructions to know what stitches I’ll be using.  I like when I get a kit that introduces me to a new type of stitch. I then make a copy of the chart, using the copy to keep track of my progress by crossing off the squares I’ve stitched as I go along. There’s such a sense of pride of being able to take that piece of fabric and convert into someting beautiful.


For me that’s not a hard choice, I keep my pieces or give them as gifts. It’s difficult to put a price on a cross stitch because you’ve invested so many hours to complete it.  If someone would want to know how to sell a cross stitch I’ve found a very interesting blog that talks about Trademarks and Copyrights, very important point.


2 thoughts on “Sylvie’s World of Cross Stiches

  1. Tabsmark

    I love the look of cross stitch and have done some simple designs. I really like the idea of a kit that can guide me along. I was looking for large ones of animals. Do you have any suggestions where I can go to buy them? Thanks for such an informative post. With a bit more time to spare, this could be a great hobby to take up.

    1. Sylvie Soucy Post author

      Hi Tabsmark,

      Thank you for taking the time to look at my post. I buy most of my kits on ebay, they are quite affordable and I usually can get some antique kits that are no longer available. It’s a wonderful hobby. and one that I will always find time for. Cheers, Sylvie


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