Cruises – One of the Best Ways to Travel

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Hi my name is Monique, I’m Sylvie’s sister.  Want a safe and affordable way to travel and see the world?  One word comes to mind for me – CRUISES!  My husband and I have been taking cruises since 2004 and absolutely love it.  If you have time to do a bit of research on the internet, you can find really good deals with different companies. We always take a room with a balcony because we love to take our coffee in the morning and a drink (in the evening) in the fresh air.  It’s also convenient if you want peace and quiet.  I’m not saying that the other rooms are not good, it just depends on your taste and budget.  One of my more memorable cruises was for my 50th Birthday and retirement.  It was a 28-day cruise to Hawaii and Polynesia.  Here are some pictures: 1) of our ship, 2) of me in the beautiful and warm waters of Moorea, and 3) a beautiful sunset at sea.


The Ship


The warm waters of Moorea


Beautiful sunset at sea

Check back once in a while and I will offer my opinion for tips on how to book, what documents you need and what to pack for cruises.  Enjoy!!

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