About Me

My name is Sylvie, that’s me in the header, and as I’m sure you may have guessed by the name of the site, I am retired. After 25 years of working in a small cubicle, spending anywhere from 3 – 6 hours a day getting to and from work, I finally decided to make a change.  I accepted a cash out package from my employer and took the plunge of getting out of the rat race. I have enjoyed spoiling myself with that package but am aware that I need to start thinking of my next career.

Like many people I know, I’ve spent countless hours searching the internet to try and find a way to earn a living.


I quickly realized I couldn’t fnd anything of interest because I had to answer a few important questions first.

  1. Was I ready to take a job that required me to spend too much time in traffic : not hard to answer NO.
  2. Did I want to work for someone else : NO.
  3. Did I want to work from home, wherever home is: YES


Ok now I know I want to work from home, and be my own boss. I found the site that would provide me with the answer:

I love that I have my own profile page This is me..