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Website: www.swagbucks.com


Swagbucks is a site where users sign up to earn ‘Swag Bucks’ for doing a variety of tasks which include:

  • completing surveys
  • shopping via the ‘Shop and Earn’ feature
  • playing casual online games
  • surfing the web (randomly provides swagbucks, bucks are not given for every search)
  • Swag Codes
  • the Referral Program
  • Special Offers
  • Swagbucks TV
  • Daily Goals
  • Hourly Random Winner

A SwagBuck = 1 cent (¢) and are accumulated to be used in the Swagbucks Rewards Store or the Swagstakes.


  • One of the biggest Pros for me is that it is easy.  You open an account, start answering surveys, watching videos, shop or play games the same day to start earning Swagbucks.
  • You know how many Swagbucks are offered for a task before you decide to do it.
  • You are assured of at least 11 bucks per day by answering the daily poll and playing the Swagbucks games (maximum of 10 bucks per day for the games).
  • Redeeming points is fast and easy and there’s a wide variety of merchants to choose from in The Rewards Store.
  • You can refer Swagbucks to your friends, simply by sending them an email, and if they should sign up you get a percentage of their Swagbucks (I can confirm this one, my sister signed up after I sent her an email and every day I see my earnings go up because she is completing surveys).
  • Affiliate Program.


  • The low amount you get paid per task, you have to do a number of them to get paid a reasonable amount of bucks per day.
  • Often not eligible for the surveys.
  • Some of the survey companies disqualify you even though you’ve completed more than 50% of the survey, therefore no swagbucks.
  • Swag Codes are not easy to find.
  • When you purchase something from one of their authorized websites, it takes a long time to get your Swagbucks.


Anyone over the age of 13. The site is easy to navigate, and the tasks that are offered are easy to complete.  Again from experience I can confirm that there is something for everyone, there are different levels in the games offered, the same can be said for the surveys, and there is a wide variety of stores/sites that you can shop from.


Swagbucks has a “Take the Tour” button which shows you all the options of the site and teaches you how to earn the bucks.  The tour covers everything, is easy to follow, and again I can confirm from experience that it won’t take you long to learn how the site works so that you can get started in no time.


The support is very good.  I mentionned earlier that some of the companies wait until you’ve completed a good portion of the survey then disqualify you and don’t pay. Any time I’ve had this problem I sent a message to Swagbucks via their ‘Need Help’ button located in the bottom right hand corner of the site.  I always got a reply within 24 hours and have always been credited the full amount of Swagbucks that was advertised for that particular survey.


Free, all you need to do is create an account.


For me Swagbucks is not a scam, it is very legitimate.  I’ve been doing surveys since September 2015, redeemed some of bucks in November just to see how it works, and everything went well. I normally visit the site while taking my morning coffee, complete a few surveys, play one of the games, and aim to earn 100 swagbucks ($1.00) per day. It may not seem like much but at the end of the year I can cash out $365 just in time for Christmas.

I would recommend that you take a look at the site, www.swagbucks.com, it’s free.

12 thoughts on “SWAGBUCKS Review

  1. Michelle

    Hey There

    Thank you for this. I have not heard off Swagbucks before. Now I can get my partner to earn some extra cash without it costing me a fortune.

    The review is well written and it gives me enough information to make a decision.

    Well done on this review. Looking forward to your upcoming reviews.

    All the Best.

    1. Sylvie Soucy Post author

      Thank you Michelle, my sister and I enjoy ourselves with Swagbucks, and like I said in the review I actually leave the bucks there and will cash in just before Xmas, the real trick is getting others to sign up and your earnings grow much faster. All the best, Sylvie

  2. Joe

    Hi, This is great post. Although it is not for me I will recommend it to all my family and friends who enjoy doing surveys, playing games, and don’t let me for get about shopping.


    1. Sylvie Soucy Post author

      Hi Joe, I hear that from a lot of people because it doesn’t pay much, I like too accumulate the bucks, it feels better when I cash in a fair amount. And I’m like you, I spend a lot of time in my garden so I don’t make as much as I could. Hope your friends enjoy Swagbucks.
      Cheers, Sylvie

  3. Nat

    Hi, I signed up to swagbucks once, but then got confused and never actually completed a survey. You make a good point though, about the fact that over a year – if you do it every day – those dollars add up. I don’t think I could do it myself, but I definitely know of some friends that do surveys and I think they’d like it. Cheers!

    1. Sylvie Soucy Post author

      Hi Nat, thanks for the comment. If it weren’t for the fact that I can add up the ‘bucks’ I don’t think I could do it either, but I have a goal of 100 bucks a day which equals $1.00, at the end of the year this pays my WA subscription or I can use it for Xmas. Thanks again, Sylvie 🙂

        1. Sylvie Soucy Post author

          Hi Lacey,

          Thank you so much for the compliment. I write most of my articles, but some are written by my sister, some by both of us so it’s a collaboration. My sister is trying things out with my site and if she likes it we will be building a site for her as well.

          I’ll be adding more artcles soon so stay tuned.

          Cheers, Sylvie

  4. Colin

    A good review Sylvie, I have read a few reviews about Swagbacks that say its almost impossible to earn anything. So its good to hear your actual experience off earning $ a day and that it works for you. Some folks would like this challenge too I am sure.

    1. Sylvie Soucy Post author

      Hi Colin,
      Thanks for the comment. When I first started with Swagbucks I didn’t think it was possible but I’ve got the hang of it and yes it can be done, it will pay for my WA membership so I’m happy.
      Regards, Sylvie


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