Gluten Sensitivity

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One of the most important things I found out about myself is that I have gluten sensitivity. Something I found out a few years ago, by happenstance, when speaking with one of my former coworkers.  She was explaining her symptoms when she would eat food which contained gluten and the alarm went off in my head ‘Boy that sounds familiar’. I started experimenting and soon realized I had the same symptoms, and when I removed certain foods from my diet I felt so much better.


So I began my journey, searching and studying what gluten sentitivity is. What types of food can I eat.  Changing my cooking habits. Reading labels when grocery shopping to be sure there is no gluten in the products I was buying. Trying new recipes, lots of new recipes.  I even started feeding my dog gluten free meals, and would you believe he is much healthier as well. I’ve lost 20 lbs so far and am aiming for another 30, losing weight is much easier than it used to be. My dog has lost weight, he is looking slim and his coat is so nice. I will be adding posts on a regular basis, letting you know of recipes I will be trying and providing links if you should want to try them.


Just because we have gluten sensitivity doesn’t mean we can’t eat desserts, I am learning to bake and am learning it’s just a matter of knowing how to replace the ingredients we normally use like flour, cornstarch, etc. with the appropriate gluten free ingredients.

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